electrical muscle stimulation

What’s going on with spinal cord electrical stimulation?

Spinal cord electrical stimulation is actually an ancient topic. Such an operation was tried many years ago. In today’s neurosurgery, such an operation or stimulation is mainly used to treat some rare and refractory diseases. For example, stubborn pain, such as patients suffering from pancreatic cancer, abdominal pain at the later stage is difficult to endure, conventional analgesia means invalid, can do spinal cord stimulation, or spinal cord posterior root nerve cutting surgery, of course, stimulation is one of the ways. In addition, for vegetative people who have been in coma for a long time, we are talking about some of the most common diseases among ordinary people, such as stroke, cerebral hemorrhage, large-area cerebral infarction, or severe brain trauma. When they can’t wake up after a long-term coma, spinal cord stimulation is a means of awakening. This method has been used for 60 years. Doctors at home and abroad have done so. Such clinical research includes technical research. So far, there is no reliable conclusion that it can directly promote the recovery of comatose patients. Therefore, we should choose this treatment carefully.

The role of neuromuscular electrical stimulation can maintain muscle quality, maintain and increase muscle activity, promote autonomous muscle control, reduce the symptoms of muscle spasm, nourish nerves, stimulate nerve function, guide its normal function, and inhibit the symptoms of muscle atrophy. Generally speaking, neuromuscular electrical stimulation is to use neuromuscular electrical stimulator to stimulate the injured or impaired nerve and restore its functional activity. It is suggested that patients should take more rest and exercise properly, which is conducive to maintaining muscle activity.

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