What is spinal cord electrical stimulation?

Spinal cord electrical stimulation is mainly used to treat intractable pain, such as postoperative pain syndrome, phantom limb pain, central pain and so on. The principle is to insert the electrode plate into the root of epidural nerve through a special catheter. After discharge, the therapeutic effect can be evaluated according to the patient’s test results. If the therapeutic effect is better, it can be changed to permanent implantation. On the contrary, the electrode plate shall be withdrawn. The high cost of treatment and non reimbursement of medical insurance limit its development. Patients with certain economic basis can choose this method for treatment.

With the successful clinical application of deep brain stimulation to Parkinson’s patients, more and more Parkinson’s patients have accepted deep brain stimulation (DBS). Due to the long application time of stimulator, the condition of Parkinson’s disease will change continuously due to many factors, resulting in some programmed problems for many postoperative patients. Here are some answers to some of the problems:

  1. When to start program control

It usually starts 1 month after the operation, in order to eliminate the “micro damage effect” caused by the mechanical damage of the nucleus caused by electrode implantation;

  1. What preparations are needed before program control

A. Try to invite patients to the hospital for program control in the morning, and stop anti Parkinson drugs the night before yesterday or longer;

B. Check the surgical wound of the patient before program control;

C. The initial program control was performed according to the patient’s surgical target and main symptoms (tremor, gait disorder, etc.);

D. During the first program control, check and record the resistance value of the equipment;

E. Program control should start from the side with severe disease and the side with mild disease again;

  1. How long is the program control cycle

Excluding the repeated debugging required for the first startup failure, the general cycle is 6-12 months, depending on the progress rate of Parkinson’s disease.

  1. Under what circumstances do you need program control

A. The symptoms worsened 10-15 days after drug reduction;

B. I feel that the symptoms are aggravated and the opening period is shortened;

C. Add other discomfort symptoms, which can be relieved at the beginning of medication;

D. Sudden symptoms worsen, and self switching is invalid;

E. When magnetic resonance examination is necessary;

  1. Important factors for disease control other than program control

Although deep brain stimulation can effectively control the symptoms of Parkinson’s patients and improve their quality of life, many factors other than surgery and program control are equally important to control the disease.

A. Stable emotional psychology;

B. Stable symptomatic medication;

C. Reasonable expected objectives;

D. Continuous rehabilitation exercise;

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