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What is sacral nerve electrical stimulation?

Sacral nerve electrical stimulation is a new minimally invasive treatment, which is known as the innovation of traditional treatment. It is especially suitable for patients with various diseases, such as urgency urinary incontinence, frequent urination syndrome, non obstructive chronic urinary retention * and so on. It has been carried out in China for only 2 ~ 3 years, and only a few hospitals in China can carry out it. Interstim therapy is divided into two steps: test stimulation and surgical implantation. If the patient can achieve symptom relief during the test stimulation, the whole system should be implanted appropriately. Urology Department accepted a 15-year-old middle school student in June this year. He is a boy with excellent character and learning at school. However, 1 years ago, due to lumbar spondylolisthesis resulting in dysfunction of the sacral nerve, dysuria and weakness of the lower limbs, after urination and fixation, the voiding function was still unable to recover.

Urodynamic examination showed that the bladder detrusor function was basically lost, * complicated with severe urinary retention, filling urinary incontinence, bilateral hydronephrosis, renal function injury and recurrent urinary tract infection. Only adult diapers can be used every day. There is no good way to see a doctor in several major cities in China. Life is miserable, and the character becomes introverted and inferior. After seeing a doctor in the urology department of the Ninth Hospital, I discussed the case for him, consulted the whole hospital, and worked out a detailed treatment plan. After the electrode was inserted through the sacral foramen in the phase I operation, the temporary electric stimulator was continuously stimulated. After 2 weeks of use, the patient’s urinary incontinence and micturition were significantly improved, the hydronephrosis disappeared, and the residual urine of the bladder basically disappeared. Therefore, stage II surgery was carried out, and the long-term stimulation system was implanted. After treatment, the patients regained their confidence in life. The development of this technology has opened up a new technical field for urinary control therapy.

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