What effect does cranial magnetic stimulator have?

Cranial magnetic stimulator (TMS) is a kind of physical therapy that has been used in general only in recent years. It has no trauma and good safety. Its mechanism is to use the magnetic pulse generated by electromagnetic induction to act on the cerebral cortex through the skull, which can regulate the parts of the brain related to emotion and cognition, so as to improve the emotional and cognitive function of the treated. At present, this treatment method is most commonly used in the adjuvant treatment of patients with anxiety, depression and insomnia. However, this physical therapy method often needs to be combined with drug treatment to achieve better results.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation instrument is an effective treatment technology and a non-invasive green treatment method. It has no radiation, no radiation and no pain. Magnetic signals can act directly on the brain nerves through the skull, and stimulate the peripheral nerves and muscles. It is mainly used to treat mental diseases, such as depression and schizophrenia. It is also used to treat cerebral palsy and autism in pediatrics, and it is also used in rehabilitation department. It is most widely used in depression, sleep disorders and other diseases. It is being promoted as a non drug treatment. It has been certified by the drug administration of the United States, and is being carried out in many hospitals . However, although this technology has achieved certain effectiveness in clinic, not all patients can achieve obvious results, which will produce certain individual differences.

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