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What are the effects of neuromuscular electrical stimulation?

Neuromuscular electrical stimulation is a technology that uses 20-50hz low-frequency current to stimulate specific muscle groups through electrodes to make them twitch or contract, and then achieve “functional” repair. It is often used for strength training of disused muscles caused by long-term inactivity, surgery or injury, so as to maintain muscle quality, maintain and increase joint mobility, promote autonomous muscle control, and reduce spasm. On the other hand, it can inhibit disuse muscle atrophy caused by some non neuropathy. In recent years, commercial neuromuscular stimulators have been developed. Household stimulators can not only facilitate the use of patients, but also improve the independent operation of patients.

Deep brain stimulation, also known as brain pacemaker, is a surgical treatment for Parkinson’s disease. Deep brain electrical stimulation is a brain stereotactic technology. Electrodes are implanted in specific nerve nuclei and nerve tissues in the deep brain to send out pulse signals of a certain frequency, so as to change the excitability of the corresponding nerve nuclei and improve the related motor symptoms of Parkinson’s patients. This treatment can reduce the use of dopaminergic drugs, reduce the side effects of drugs, and effectively improve the motor symptoms of Parkinson’s patients.

Chronic cerebellar electrical stimulation, that is, chronic cerebellar electrical stimulation, can significantly inhibit the neural activities of the brain, brainstem or spinal cord by stimulating the cerebellum. It is mainly used to treat some intractable epilepsy. Complications of chronic cerebellar electrical stimulation include intracranial hematoma, cerebrospinal fluid leakage, local wound infection, and headache. Therefore, for chronic cerebellar electrical stimulation surgery, we must pay attention to the installation position of the electrode, closely suture the dura, and strictly seal the lead.

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