CO2 Fractional Laser

What are the advantages of laser eye bag removal?

With the growth of age, eye bags will become more and more obvious. For some beauty loving women, they feel very annoyed because of the appearance of loose eye bags. In fact, they can remove eye bags by laser.

Does laser go pouch effect good? What are the advantages of laser eye bag removal?

Laser has a single direction and high energy density. It can use its thermal effect and optical effect to cut body tissue. The operation with laser knife has smooth incision, less bleeding and less infection; Commonly used carbon dioxide laser knife, argon laser knife and so on.

Laser eye bag removal mainly refers to the principle of laser. A new type of high-energy ultra pulse laser is used to cut an incision about from the conjunctiva on the inner side of the tarsal plate, and then the laser removes the eye bag. Take out the inner, middle and outer fat mass successively from the incision, and then use the laser to gasify and shrink the true inner skin layer tissue to achieve the purpose of removing the eye bag. The effect after treatment is also obvious, and the maintenance time is long, the recovery is fast, and there is no obvious surgical trace.


  1. Surgery can treat a wide range of people
  2. Coagulation was good during the operation
  3. The postoperative recovery time was shorter than that of other surgical methods.

Laser eye bag removal is suitable for young people with good skin condition and no relaxation. The effect may not be ideal for middle-aged and elderly people with loose skin and heavy eye bags.

Preoperative examination: including blood routine, coagulation time, ECG, chest X-ray, liver and kidney function, and visual acuity.


(0-4) days, severe swelling period, obvious swelling and pain;

(5-7) days, rapid detumescence period, swelling and bruising disappear obviously;

(8-30 days) continuous detumescence period, which is the morphological recovery period, and the situation is basically stable;

(31-90) stable period, which is the period of tissue recovery and fixed effect.