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Laser hair removal, hair scraping or not, laser hair removal has these requirements

It will be summer soon. Female friends are worried about the thick body hair on their bodies. Although there are many hair removal methods, most of them are temporary. They need to remove hair frequently and often, and it will hurt very much. Therefore, many women want to get rid of the troubles caused by body hair forever through laser hair removal, but there are many things to pay attention to before laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal, hair scraping or not, laser hair removal has these requirements

Before laser depilation, the body hair at the depilated part should be scraped off. This is to make the depilation effect better, because removing the hair on the skin surface is conducive to the laser going deep into the hair follicle to achieve better effect. In fact, doctors call shaving skin preparation. Use a disposable razor to shave off the hair on the surface. Before shaving, ensure that the skin is clean.

There are many things to pay attention to in laser hair removal. We need to understand clearly so that we can ensure the effect. In addition to ensuring the effect of hair removal, shaving is also an important reason to prevent skin from being burned, because the laser entering the skin will be converted into heat energy and make the hair follicles necrotic at high temperature. If the hair is not scraped off, they will absorb more light, This will make the skin hotter. If you don’t scrape it clean before depilation, you may burn your skin.

However, you can’t shave yourself before the operation. This needs to be done by the doctor. If the patient scrapes off the body hair by himself, the doctor can’t judge the thickness and density of the hair according to the body hair, which will affect the operation effect. Therefore, the doctor should shave off the body hair.

There are also these considerations before laser hair removal:

  1. The patient’s skin will not be reddened before the operation. Otherwise, the patient’s skin will not be hurt. If the operation is performed, the skin will not be bruised.
  2. Do not expose yourself to the sun before surgery, because laser depilation of sunburned skin may cause injury. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce outdoor activities before operation.
  3. Do not use other methods of hair removal before operation. You can’t use any method of hair removal two weeks before treatment, because hair removal will make the skin sensitive and affect the effect of laser treatment.
  4. Do not use cosmetics before depilation surgery, because cosmetics contain chemicals. If you use cosmetics before surgery, it is likely to cause skin swelling and allergy. And before depilation, clean the body, ensure skin hygiene and prevent infection.

The above is the introduction of some precautions for laser hair removal. We should understand clearly before treatment. After hair removal, in order to ensure the effect, we must eat reasonably. Never eat spicy, stimulating and greasy food. Light food can prevent the body from secreting too much oil, which is conducive to the recovery after hair removal. Moreover, laser hair removal should be carried out many times, and we should be psychologically prepared.