How to select patients for spinal cord electrical stimulation?

The patient’s successful treatment and subsequent good treatment effect depend on the degree of recognition of the proposed treatment, or whether the patient is willing to accept this treatment. Therefore, before providing a new treatment method for patients, doctors should first determine the overall treatment objectives and communicate with patients accordingly.

Patients to be treated with CSC need to meet the following selection criteria before entering the further screening and evaluation stage:

Suffering from chronic intractable pain in the trunk or limbs

Pain is physiological

Can withstand the impact of surgical treatment

No serious drug addiction or drug abuse

Conditions permit long-term postoperative analgesia management

Patient control device capable of correctly operating nerve stimulation system

Clearly understand the process of electrode implantation, and have correct and reasonable expectations for the therapeutic effect

It has passed the psychological evaluation of the expectation of the possibility of successful treatment

There are no additional special screening criteria for low back and leg pain. In clinical practice, most of the patients with low back and leg pain who meet the patient screening criteria continue to be tested and treated.

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