How long can laser hair removal and beauty method be maintained

When it comes to hair removal, many beauties will delay until summer. In fact, if hair removal in cold winter, it will be beautiful in midsummer. There is no need to worry about the prevention of hair removal. Laser hair removal will not be long-term hair removal. Because of the hair development cycle, multiple operations must be performed. After multiple irradiation, the long-term effect of delaying hair regrowth can be achieved.

Laser plastic surgery_ How long can laser hair removal and beauty method be maintained

Do individuals have to depilate in different positions and in different quantities? There will be analysis later. What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is to damage hair follicles by laser or light, and then remove hair for a long time. Its principle is to absorb light of a certain wavelength according to the pigment in hair follicles, and then generate heat. When the heat energy reaches a certain level, the hair follicles can be burned. It manipulates the selective photothermal theory of laser. How many times does laser hair removal take?

In fact, the hair removal effect can be found by laser hair removal treatment once. However, in view of the self recovery effect of hair follicles, it almost has to be done three to five times to achieve a significant and lasting hair removal effect.

Naturally, the thicker the hair of the beauty seeker, or the thicker and harder the hair, or the wider the area of the hair, the more operations will be required.

After about three to five times, the hair at the depilation position will change to be thinner and softer, and the color will not be so bright Black, not so distributed If the beauty seeker thinks that the hair in this place needs another layer of surgery, he can also follow the situation of the beauty seeker and carry out the next operation for a certain period of time after the successful completion of a course of treatment until the beauty seeker is satisfied with his hair removal position.

The distance period of each depilation operation is almost all about 4-8 weeks, because the second operation can be carried out only after fresh hair develops. The maintenance period of laser hair removal surgery has been clearly introduced to you. I hope it can help every beauty seeker. As long as the laser depilation operation is coordinated with the operator, there will be no signs of complications. Almost the laser depilation operation will not produce any kind of complications.

Therefore, people seeking beauty can safely choose laser hair removal surgery. This article ends here. If beauty seekers need to know more about beauty, they can then browse the official website.