Picosecond Laser Removal of Tattoos

Do micro plastic experts tell you that laser freckle removal is safe

Laser freckle is a selective treatment through the skin with the laser emitted by the treatment instrument. It only acts on the pigment particles and has no damage to the normal skin. Many beauty seekers have a question about laser freckle removal. Is laser freckle safe?

For this point, micro plastic experts suggest that the effect of laser speckle removal largely depends on doctors’ grasp of the disease and treatment experience. Because the wavelength emitted by the laser speckle removal instrument and the treatment time of each time should be judged by the doctor, a professional doctor must be a trained and experienced dermatologist to ensure the safety and effect of treatment.

In addition, different laser speckle removal equipment has different curative effects. Different orthopedic hospitals use different instruments, and there are great differences in the name of operation, postoperative effect and treatment price. For example, ruby freckle, C6 freckle and C8 freckle have great differences in name and price, but they all belong to laser freckle. Before the operation, we must understand the advantages and disadvantages of this operation and whether it corresponds to our own stain symptoms.

Whether the postoperative nursing of laser freckle removal is correct is the key to effectively avoid the side effects after laser freckle removal. At the end of the treatment, pay attention to the diet. After laser freckle removal, you can’t eat food with high pigment content to prevent pigment from settling locally. In addition, you should avoid eating spicy and irritating food, protect the cleanness of the treatment area, avoid infection, and pay attention to sunscreen.

In order to further ensure the safety of laser freckle removal, you must understand its contraindications.

Laser treatment has different degrees of pain, which can not completely rule out the potential impact on fetal development in theory. Therefore, laser treatment is absolutely prohibited during pregnancy.

Scar constitution, light allergy, photosensitivity and recent use of light sensitive drugs (retinoic acid, tetracycline, etc.) are not suitable for laser treatment.

Patients with hypertension and diabetes, or those who take certain psychotropic drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs and antihypertensive drugs for a long time, should not undergo laser freckle removal.

Those who use retinoic acid can only be treated after stopping using it for at least 2 months, because this kind of people may have potential temporary weakening of skin repair function.

If there is sunlight exposure or inflammation on the face within two weeks, it is best to wait until the sunburn and inflammation are completely combined before laser treatment.

Visible, is laser freckle safe? It mainly depends on the equipment of the hospital and the technical level of doctors. Of course, beauty seekers should also know whether they meet the conditions of laser freckle removal.