Clinical application of laser lipolysis Technology

Laser fat dissolving technology is a method of reducing weight and shaping body with small trauma, rapid recovery and good curative effect. After using laser fat dissolving technology, beauty seekers have not found the phenomenon of skin relaxation. This paper will introduce the experience of clinical application of laser fat dissolving technology.

Laser fat dissolving is especially suitable for fat reducing and body shaping of face, neck and upper arm. The operation time is 1 / 3 of that of conventional liposuction. The postoperative edema period is 2 ~ 5 days. The edema is light, there is no blood stasis, and the fat dissolving operation site is flat and soft. Obvious slimming effect can be seen 3 weeks after operation, without local cyst formation. Compared with traditional liposuction, pressure bandage after lipolysis alone is not necessary. 10 patients did not do any pressure bandage after operation due to working relationship, and the curative effect is also very satisfactory. Therefore, we believe that laser lipolysis has almost no effect on normal life and work.

For the parts with more fat such as abdomen, thigh and back, after dissolving the fat, in order to enable the patient to see the operation effect as soon as possible, part of the adipose tissue can be sucked out under a low negative pressure. During the operation, we realized that after the laser lipolysis treatment, the local tissue becomes loose, and the adipose tissue can be easily sucked out with a thinner suction tube, which is particularly meaningful in the dense areas such as the back. In these dense parts of tissue, the effect of conventional liposuction is not very ideal, and it is easy to cause local unevenness. After laser treatment, the operation becomes simple and easy. Since the liposuction process becomes easier after laser lipolysis, the whole operation time is not prolonged due to an additional lipolysis process, which is basically the same as that of conventional liposuction.

For the fat reduction in large areas with more adipose tissue, whether it is necessary to assist liposuction after dissolving fat, we believe that simply from the perspective of local weight loss, since most of the fat cells storing fat are destroyed, the local fat will be continuously absorbed by the body. If the patient has enough patience, the effect of local weight loss can be seen without liposuction. However, considering that the absorbed fat may be transferred to other non operative parts through metabolism and in order to let patients see the surgical effect as soon as possible, liposuction with low negative pressure should be assisted after lipolysis. In the second typical case, the patient needs to return to the United States 3 days after operation. Considering that liposuction may affect the patient’s journey, the patient was not liposuction. The patient was instructed to increase the amount of exercise and control the diet appropriately, which also achieved satisfactory curative effect.

Since water can absorb the energy of laser and directly affect the effect of fat dissolving, how to master the local liquid dosage is also the focus of our clinical research. The basic guiding ideology is to minimize the amount of local anesthetic without affecting the anesthetic effect, and intravenous analgesics can be supplemented when necessary. Compared with the traditional expansion solution, we increased the concentration of lidocaine and adrenaline in the local anesthetic solution, but the total amount remained unchanged. After clinical practice, we believe that the dosage of local anesthetic in other parts of the body except the face is 0.5 ~ 0.6ml/cm2. Due to the decrease in the amount of liquid used, it is particularly emphasized to be slow and uniform during local injection, so as to ensure a satisfactory anesthetic effect without increasing the amount.

The amount of laser energy is directly related to the surgical effect. The manual of the randomizer only gives guidance to small parts. Through the summary of clinical cases, we believe that the total laser energy of each side of the face or neck is 700 ~ 1000j, and the energy given by other parts is about 15J / cm2. The specific value should be adjusted appropriately according to the thickness of local fat.

Compared with traditional liposuction technology, laser lipolysis has less physical trauma, less postoperative blood stasis and swelling, fast recovery, flat and soft operation area, and the operation effect is better than traditional liposuction. In particular, laser can promote the proliferation of skin collagen and tighten the skin.