Can laser cure acne

Can laser cure acne? Laser treatment of acne is one of our methods. Acne, which is commonly referred to as acne, has many main causes. If you want to treat it thoroughly, you can use laser treatment.

It is not easy to completely cure acne. I believe that many friends with acne also use many methods to treat this distressing acne. During the treatment, there will be internal and external drugs. Some friends should also think of the method of laser treatment of acne. So which treatment will be better? Laser treatment of acne is now popular, not only because of its remarkable effect, but also because it does not harm the surrounding healthy skin, avoiding leaving new scars while removing acne. Let’s learn more about laser treatment of acne

Laser treatment of acne – improving rough pores

There is too much cutin and waste in the pores, which leads to the expansion of the pores and the loss of elasticity in the skin for a long time. Color light is a kind of soft and wide-spectrum visible light, which has special wavelength and light, thermal and biochemical effects. Color light technology is developed by using the good photothermal energy of photons. It can treat skin problems, improve skin quality, shrink facial coarse pores, make skin smooth, delicate and enhance skin elasticity

Laser treatment of acne – red marks due to improved vasodilation

Because of the symptoms of acne, repeated inflammation and edema, the face has been flushing. This is due to inflammation and edema caused by the dysfunction of blood vessels in the dermis and the inability of blood vessels to contract. The use of laser to treat acne and dispel red laser can treat these symptoms.

Laser treatment of acne – effective removal of sunken acne

Remember, never squeeze acne with your hands. That will not remove acne, but will cause bacterial reinfection, which will destroy the inflamed hair follicles that have been seriously suppurated from the inside, resulting in damage to normal tissues. It can cause permanently sunken acne and leave scars, and these scars will not subside by themselves.

After laser treatment of acne, it can improve the skin microcirculation, thicken the collagen tissue of dermis, rearrange the elastic fibers, enhance the elasticity, make the red marks shallow and the depressions filled. It has a very safe and significant effect in eliminating the acne marks in time. By improving skin blood circulation and stimulating collagen regeneration, scars can be smoothed in time.

Laser treatment of acne – fight off pigmentation after inflammation

The pigmentation after inflammation normally exists on the epidermis, and the symptoms caused by the transfer of melanin to the dermis under the epidermis can be prevented if treated before turning into red acne. Laser treatment of acne uses light waves of different wavelengths to selectively act on the water, melanin and hemoglobin of the skin, heat the water through light energy, break the pigment, regulate the micro blood circulation, and repel the pigmentation after inflammation.

Laser treatment of acne is these steps, so acne can be completely cured after a course of treatment. Laser treatment has no trauma and has little damage to our skin. Therefore, laser treatment of acne is still effective.